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Little Comfort - Bambee Luxury Bamboo Nappy by Little Comfort

Little Comfort One Size Bamboo Cloth Nappies Luxury Nappy
Softest Bamboo nappy you will come across adaptable to your child wetting needs with snappable 2 boosters included
ONE SIZE Bamboo Nappy
includes Two Boosters (giving you a total of 7 layers when both boosters are used)

Fabric: 90 % Bamboo Terry / 10% Polyester
Colour: Unbleached Natural / Cream
Size: Birth to Potty

Includes 2 Boosters: Size 1 and Size 2 both lined with fleece.

Little Comfort bamboo nappies are beautifully soft and gentle against your baby's skin. This nappy is so soft you won't believe it. It is super super absorbent. After 300 washes nappy will remain as soft as the first day you got it. Compared to other bamboo nappies, our quality is hard to beat.

This One Size nappy fits from Birth to Potty. It contains 2 boosters, both a size 1 and size 2. When both boosters are snapped together it is suitable for night and very heavy wetting babies. One of the most absorbent and versatile nappies on the market. Extenders are available for babies that need those extra few inches around the waist.

The polyester element of the nappy allows the nappy to dry quicker than 100% bamboo fabrics.

You will not find a better fitting and as absorbent nappy. Probably the best reusable nappy on the market.

EXCELLENT NIGHT NAPPY - Because you can add and remove boosters, it's an excellent day and night nappy, so no need for different day and night nappies. ... cbmone.htm