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Baba+Boo Fun Training Pants by Baba+Boo

BabaBoo Cow Training Pants
Make potty training fun with these funky pants! Your little one will be proud to wear these during trips to the toilet.

Our pants come in 6 designs - cow, bee, dinosaur, princess, ladybird and pirate. They are a nice little follow on to our best-selling Moo Power nappy. Some tots are as sad as their mums to say bye to their fluffy bums but these pants might just help the transition a bit smoother.

Cotton pants with elasticated waist and legs. They have a 3 layer system in the gusset with a terry lining in the gusset and below that a waterproof lining.

This teaches the child that they are wet but keeps the wetness inside the pants rather than causing puddles on the floor. We do say that they contain one wee but it does depend on each child. They do help not having to change full outfits, socks and shoes and all..

Each pair come with a guide to potty training the Baba+Boo way!

Available in 2 sizes, but please check measurements below as we know children are all shapes and sizes.

Waist: 43cm
Legs: 26cm

Waist: 47cm
Legs: 29cm