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Bum Cheeks Jeans Nappy by Baby Bum Boutique

Bum Cheeks Jeans Nappy
Now in-stock these fantastic Denim Jeans Nappies, all the way from Australia!
These are absolutely amazing in both style and performance. Inbuilt microfibre absorbency, plus a bamboo insert for the pocket makes them super absorbent. And who can resist those looks?!

Fits babies from approx. 9lb - 35lb and especially soft on chunky thighs!

Print shown is VHC spots, but many others available!


Bum Cheeks Jeans Nappy

Tue July 12th 2011 18:55:41
Hey, lots of different jeans nappies at most are £19.50 but a few clearance ones at £17.00 I have 2 VHC spots left, but not on the website, so if you want this one pm me through here and we can sort it out,

Amanda x
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Bum Cheeks Jeans Nappy

Tue July 12th 2011 13:15:12
i love it how do i order it
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Bum Cheeks Jeans Nappy

Thu March 10th 2011 22:11:03
How do i order one and how much would they be?
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