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Custom Wool soakers with Alpaca cuffs by Little Pants Nappies

Custom Wool soakers with Alpaca cuffs
All my soakers now have alpaca cuffs, for a really soft contact. The main part of the soaker can be made out of either 100% wool or 100% alpaca, with DK yarn of your choice, which you can send me, or you can choose yarns I have in stock. Completely seam free, as are all my nappy covers.

Basic sizes are

NB (Hips 16" rise 14")
Small (Hips 18" rise 16")
Medium (Hips 20" rise 18")
Large (Hips 22" rise 20")
XL (Hips 24" rise 22")

Hips sizes are standard, but rise can be adjusted to any length.

Price starts at £7.50, but increase with size required, depending on the amount of work involved. This price is just for the work, and does not include the yarn.


For combination purchases of my wool nappy cover, wool accessories and/or non-wick vests, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine