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Custom Wool or Alpaca shorties by Little Pants Nappies

Cstom Wool or Alpaca shorties
These are made from 100% wool or 100% alpaca, and are seam free.

Basic sizes are

NB (Hips 16", rise 14",
Small (Hips 18", rise 16",
Medium (Hips 20", rise 18",
Large (Hips 22", rise 20",
XL (Hips 24", rise 22",
Hips sizes are standard, but rise and inside leg can be adjusted to any length you require.

Cuffs can be bloomer, shorts, or frilled

An embroidery can be added

Bloomers cuff (with cat face embroidery)

Pantaloons (extended length and frilled cuff)

Starting at £10.50 for the work (Wool not included)


For combination purchases of my wool nappy cover, wool accessories and/or non-wick vests, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine