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Soluble Lanolin for Lanolizing wool nappy covers by Little Pants Nappies

Soluble Lanolin for Lanolizing wool nappy covers
My Soluble Lanolin is now in full swing, and going down like hot cakes.

It's so much simpler than guessing around with what size a pea is, and how big a squirt is. This is ready to use. Just open a sachet and add it to 1l water. 1 sachet is sufficient for approximately 100gm wool (small longies) Use 2 sachets for larger garments.

This soluble lanolin is made in exactly the same way as you would prepare solid lanolin for lanolising. I have just worked out a recipe for the exact amounts of lanolin, water and emulsifier to use,and make it in bulk, so it comes out perfect every time.

If you want scented, I can add a scent for you as well.

£1.50 per 10 x 1ml sachets, including postage.

Also available in 100ml bottles £6,50 including postage.


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