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100% wool longies small size (with optional extras) by Little Pants Nappies

100 wool longies small size
All my nappy covers are seam free. These longies are made in 100% wool, and are very soft.
Ready lanolised, they are small size, and will fit
Hips 18"
Rise 16" Inside leg 7"-9" (with a turn up/turn down cuff, so they last for a while!

This pair has optional matching accessories, which can be purchased separately, but there will be a discount if the whole set is purchased together.

The longies on their own are £23

Hat is £7.15

Booties are £7.


For combination purchases of my wool nappy cover, wool accessories and/or non-wick vests, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine