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Wool longies with co-ordinating T-shirt. 2-3 yrs by Little Pants Nappies

Wool longies with coordinating Tshirt 23 yrs
How thes wool longies with a tongue in cheek co-ordinating T-shirt.

The longies are knitted in 100% soft wool, in 2 tones, and teamed with the T-shirt, this makes an eye catchig outfit for any little girl!

Hips 22"
Rise 20"

Will fit from around 18 months to maybe 3 years.

The longies are £25

The T-shirt is £7.50 (available exclusively here - please PM me to buy this item. Also available in 1-2 years)

A discount code is available for both these items when purchased together (see below)


For combination purchases of my wool nappy cover, wool accessories and/or non-wick vests, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine