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LittlePants large Alpaca Skirty by Little Pants Nappies

LittlePants large Alpaca Skirty
I have just completed this large size 100% Alpaca skirty, with an attached soaker underneath.

Hips 22"
Rise 20"

Knitted in Peregrine colour way, with an outline toning coloured hem, to accent the lovely hem line. This is seam free (as are all my nappy covers)

I propose making some additional bits to go with it - maybe some leg warmers, and/or a hat.

Price is £31.50. I know that seems a lot, but it was a lot of work, and a fair bit of yarn!


For combination purchases of my wool nappy cover, wool accessories and/or non-wick vests, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine