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Custom hand knitted welly boot socks! by Little Pants Nappies

Custom hand knitted welly boot socks
I was asked to knit these for somebody, and enjoyed doing them so much that I wrote my pattern down! So if you want some extra warm socks for inside those cold wellies, here you go! Turn the top down over the top of your wellies, so they don't slip down inside!

Any size, any leg length, my pattern will adapt just the way you want them. All the knitting patterns I have written are seam free and these are no exception!

The ones in the photo are knitted in 2-tone Alpaca, but these can be knitted in any double knitting wool (approximately 200 gms required) and any combination of colours you want.

The price shown is for the work only - you can either send your yarn to me, have them knitted in my stock yarn, or tell me which wool you would like, and I will buy it for you locally and knit them up

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Custom hand knitted welly boot socks!

Tue March 22nd 2011 08:38:52
Oooh! My socks! :mrgreen:

Glad you liked doing them so much - I can vouch for how yummy they are, I wear mine all the time!
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