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Sweet Light popin nappy by Little Pants Nappies

Sweet Light popin nappy
Just reduced in price, these nappies are so soft and gorgeous. The outer PUL is very soft lightweight but efficient PUL, and the inserts open out to wash and dry, but fold up a bit like a prefold to po in. The inserts are bamboo, but there is a fleece layer next to the skin, and the whole of the inside of the wrap is fleece lined, so no PUL is against the skin directly.

A neat fitting, snap design, and a really nice popin nappy. Only large and extra large sizes left in stock at the moment, but I hope to be able to make a new order soon! These come with one popin insert provided. But it's a good idea to buy extra inserts, as the outer does not need changing at every nappy change. Just change the insert, (as with all popin nappies)

Available in other colours than pink! Extra popin inserts also reduced.


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Sweet Light popin nappy

Sat April 23rd 2011 07:59:24
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