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Custom non-wick vest by Little Pants Nappies

Custom nonwick vest
These vests are designed so you can tuck them into wool longies, shorties, and skirtys, without the nappy wicking wet through, in an effort to combat "The Gap"!

With an envelope style neck, they can be trimmed with a different colour, and because the bottom part is made of fleece, they do not need poppers, as the fleece will grip onto the inside of the wool nappy cover and the outside of the nappy. The shirt tail design means they will tuck well down, and the fleece will stay put, without the need for poppers, which can cause compression wicking. They are available now either as a full fleece best or a cotton topped fleece bottomed vest.

At the moment just available as custom orders, but slots are open immediately. A discount is available if you are buying this item on the same order as one of my wool nappy covers (see below)

Options of size (you give me the chest size and length you want) trim colour ( available at the moment with red, royal, emerald or cream) and all fleece or interlock cotton topped (50p extra for cotton topped)


If you order this in conjunction with any of my wool nappy covers, a discount will be available. Please PM me for a code, telling me multiples you want to buy.

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Custom non-wick vest

Sat March 5th 2011 19:21:03
I bought one of these recently and I absolutely love it! It's a great fit on my little guy and stays put really well despite him moving all around his cot. I had to stop using regular vests overnight because he'd always wake up soaked, but these keep him dry and toasty. Wish I'd got one sooner now, but I'll definitely get some more. Great price and great product :thumbsup:
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