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Ethangelie quick drying bamboo inserts by Little Pants Nappies

Ethangelie quick drying bamboo inserts
These inserts open out flat to dry, so dry much more quickly than most bamboo inserts.

Made from a double layer bamboo, which simply folds onto a pad to fit pretty well any pocket nappies except Swaddlebees.

There is a day time version, which is an almost square pad, folding up a bit like a prefold nappy, and a night time version (70p extra), which has an extra doulble layer tongue, which flops out, making the whole thing, when unfolded, more like an L-shape.

These are excellent inserts, and also make brilliant night time booster pads for overnighting!


For combination purchases of these inserts with Tirsokas Pocket nappies, please leave a comment, and PM me for a discount code, telling me what you want to combine