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Custom Dyed CuddleBuns™ Nappy & Booster by GreenPanda

Custom Dyed CuddleBuns Nappy Booster
Custom Dyed CuddleBuns™ Nappy & Booster,

Made with a hand dyed organic bamboo velour outer, natural organic bamboo velour inner and hidden layer, the internal soaker is made from three layers of bamboo fleece and the natural colour booster is made from one layer of bamboo fleece sandwiched between two layers of bamboo velour, your nappy will be finished with coordinating wooly nylon thread and resin snaps.
Dye options: Rainbow stripe up to 6 colours, Low water immersion with 2 colours or solid colour.
Delivery time up to 2 weeks.


Custom Dyed CuddleBuns™ Nappy & Booster

Fri June 22nd 2012 08:32:29
These are my favourite fitted nappy!! Oh so soft and very absorbant xxx
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Swirl Dyed CuddleBuns™ Nappy & Booster

Sun May 8th 2011 18:37:12
Wow thats is so scrummy!
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