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Upcycled supersoaker toddler night nappy by Snuggleblanks

I have a very large, very heavy wetting 2 year old who's outgrown all her beautiful night nappies.
Struggling to find a nappy to suit, I made some especially for her and we've had a peaceful comfy little girl ever since. As I've had a fair bit of interest from other mums who struggle to find big absorbent nappies I thought I'd share my creations...

I use upcycled cotton as I'm a firm believer in reusing perfectly good clean fabrics (always in perfect condition)and it means I can keep costs down while still producing a substantial nappy!
At the moment I have quite a bit of this fabulous tartan brushed cotton, and some plainer designs, but I will be expanding my cotton collection soon! The core is made from approx 6 layers of cotton terry but absorbency can be adjusted to suit your little one