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HER Jewelled Cotton/Bamboo Velour Ultimax Pad by Luxury Moon

HER Jewelled CottonBamboo Velour Ultimax Pad
The Homemademama Ultimax pad is an outstanding pad for postpartum, nights and very heavy flow. The Ultimax is designed for those times when you are moving a lot at night and perhaps getting up and down to feed a baby. Please note the measurements. The length of this pad is over 16 inches and the widest parts of this pad are 7 inches!. The front and back ends are very wide and provide ultimate coverage to the max!
It is topped with hand dyed organic cotton/bamboo velour with Windpro Fleece backing and the inner layers are organic cotton. Wings fasten with double snaps for a great fit. The dyeing on these padds is outstanding and is a mix of vibrant jewel colours.