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Peace Flower Menstrual Cup Pouch by Luxury Moon

Peace Flower Menstrual Cup Pouch
This is a gorgeous 3D style pouch for storing a menstrual cup by Lovealittle. Made of a stunning 100% cotton print , there is a choice of a twisted thread pull with a cute cat bead (cost additional 70 pence)to assist in opening and shutting the pouch if desired. Each side measures approximately 4" or 10cm. It is fully lined in a turquoise fabric; with the lining neatly machined to the inside of the zip tape. If you are not a menstrual cup user this little pouch could store fresh panties, tiny pads or any other little bits and pieces you like. This is such a cute pouch to have in your handbag. It is innovative, quirky and fun! On delivery it will be a little squashed. On opening it will spring into shape. It can be hand or machine washed in a gentle wash.