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Playsilks by Faery Fluff

This listing is for custom playsilks, to be dyed with food-safe dyes. They are 90x90cm (so large enough to have lots of fun with!) and can be used for many purposes. They can be dyed in most colours, either a solid colour, or perhaps two or three colours for a multi-tonal silk. They are lightweight, floaty, and just lovely to handle!

As backdrops or tablecoverings for nature tables and scenes
Use as a cape, a skirt, dress, veil, fairy cloak etc
Perfect as a baby blanket, or a curtain for puppet plays
Hang in story corners, or use as part of the story!

Only four playsilks left, the pink, orange and yellow in the main photo, plus an undyed silk that can be any colour you fancy. All four for £25 posted, or £7 each.

Unfortunately due to rising cost of undyed silks my prices have been increased accordingly, I do still offer free postage on all silks. Until the New Year, I am offering a 10% discount to customers who purchase 6 or more silks together.

I can order silks in various sizes, prices are as follows:
Standard 90x90cm playsilk £8.50
Medium 74x74cm playsilk £7.75
Mini 50x50cm playsilk £5

Several customers have asked for a heavier weight silk, I can order these for you, the price for a dyed heavier-weight 90x90cm silk is £10.

Handwash with a small squirt of babybath. Dyed items are well rinsed but please wash separatley and do not allow to come into contact with clothing when wet, until certain no excess dye remains.




Tue November 1st 2011 09:42:37
Hi there, do you have any of these left? If so, which colours? thanks
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Fri October 7th 2011 09:33:40
Thanks, I'll have a look and get back to you :)
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Thu October 6th 2011 17:29:31
Oh I'd love what's left please xx
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Sat September 3rd 2011 23:34:36
Can I have a green one please?
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