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Blossom Soaker medium by Faery Fluff

Blossom Soaker medium sale
Medium size soaker in blossom pink and natural colours. Picot edging cuffs, pink i-cord drawstring and embroidered flowers on front and back.

**Exhibit only**

The above soaker has now sold, however I can knit items to a similar design. please PM for details.

For further details or to purchase, please PM or leave a reply on this thread (I am quicker to respond to PM's) Price does not include postage but I can reduce costs if you are buying several items.


Blossom Soaker medium

Fri April 20th 2012 23:45:32
Did this sell?
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Blossom Soaker medium

Sun January 1st 2012 11:58:10
Hi there, just wondered if you still had this instock? It's gorgeous Jen :)
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