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Sands Auction Custom raarr dungarees by Fund Raising Fairy

In collaboration with: Zala's crafts

Item: Custom shorties in size/colourway of your choice

Auction End Time: Monday 18th July 9:00pm

Donated by: Lizz (Zalas Crafts)

Full Item description: this picture shows a pair of dungarees knitted to my own pattern using babylonglegs' creme caramel colourway, unfortunately I have none of this yarn left but I can create a pair similar using other colours, boys/girls/gn These are knitted using 100% pure wool so are ideal nappy covers but if you would prefer they can be done in acrylic too. I can do these up to 18m they can be made with or without a tail using any of the yarn I have instock or if you dont mind waiting a little longer I can dye up some yarn just for you.

Postage: paid by me

Any extra notes from the maker:Sizes available are 0-18months please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery as these are knitted to order however I will endeavour to have them sent to you before that. Please note I am away for the first 2 weeks in August and whilst I will be taking my knitting with me I dont know how easy it will be for me to get it done :giggle: so please get your details to me asap after the auction ends.


Sands Auction Custom raarr dungarees

Fri July 8th 2011 14:12:27
I'll kick off with £5 then!
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Sands Auction Custom raarr dungarees

Fri July 8th 2011 12:58:42
Bidding starts at £5 good luck everyone! :D
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Fund Raising Fairy