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Pre-order Extra Large Monkey Foot Wetbag by Baby Peach

Preorder Extra Large Monkey Foot Wetbag
Gorgeous monkeyfoot Extra Large Wetbag (Dino Dudes) due in 3 weeks (available to preorder now).

This stylish wetbag is created by a US mum of three. This extra large bag measures approx 16" X 22" and is the perfect size for overnight use. They hold approx 2 days worth of cloth nappies (depending) and some wipes, dirty/wet clothing for example.

Main features:

ProCare lining, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic, and has anti-microbial properties and superior waterproof ability.
A long strap with coordinating snap and reinforced stitching, perfect for hanging on pushchairs/door knobs etc.
Extra-sturdy long zipper pull
Outer and inner layers sewn separately to avoid wicking and all seams serged for reinforcement.
Inner seams are permanently sealed using a non-chemical method.
Easy to wash - just turn inside out and throw in with your dirty laundry.
These bags can be tumble-dried, but the ProCare will last longer if you hang to dry.
The outside fabric can be ironed on high/cotton, but do not iron the inner lining.

We also have a wide range of monkey foot bags in sizes XS - XL and doubles online at