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Baby Blush Sea Creatures Size 1 by Baby Peach

Baby Blush Sea Creatures Size 1
Baby Blush pocket nappies are made by New Zealand Work at Home Mum of 3, Debbie. They have an outer layer of soft minkee, hidden layer of PUL and a stay dry layer of microfleece.

This is a size 1 and fits 4.5-10 kgs (9.9lbs -22lbs).

This nappy includes a one size insert which is made of heavy weight bamboo fleece front and back with a layer of microfibre sewn in the middle. They can be used with the wide section at the front of the nappy to give extra absorbency for boys and it stops the insert from sliding down, or it can be used at the back to add more absorption for girls. or pm for order