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Formulated using mild cleansing agents and without lanolin so its suitable for all woollies. This gentle yet luxurious wool wash uses high quality ingredients with luxury frosted packaging to match. The price list and fragrance list is here:

WOOLCARE (Essential oils and Allergen free fragrance oils)

CALM; Soft, soothing fragrances
Coconut whip (FO) Reminscent of relaxing beach holidays!
Baby powder (FO) A firm favourite, sweet and calm
Roman Chamomile (EO) A heady, herbaceous aroma, known for calming and balancing
Greenabubs Calm Elixir (EO) Melt away with this relaxing combination of oils

ZEST; Sharp, citrus scents
Yuzu (FO) A Zingy perfume
Mandarin peach (FO) Sweet fruity fragrance similar to jelly beans
Lime (EO) Zesty aroma with an ability to refresh the mind and body
Sweet orange (EO) A perfectly tangy scent with stimultaing properties
Greenabubs Zest Elixir (EO)The ultimate uplifting and revitalising mix

BLISS; Opulent, luxury aromas
Happy hippy (FO) A sweet yet musky floral mix
Blossom (FO) A floral powdery fragrance
Patchouli (EO) A rich, earthy and heady aroma with soothing properties
Lavender (EO) A familar and popular choice. Floral with herby and woody tones with many health benefits
Greenabubs Bliss Elixir (EO) Lose yourself in this opulent luscious floral blend

FRESH; Crisp, green tones
Watermelon (FO) Fresh and fruity
Cool Cucumber (FO) As the name suggests!
Crisp Breeze (FO) Reminiscent of aftershave
Spearmint (EO) Just mint
Greenabubs Fresh Elixir (EO) An invigorating fusion of the Freshest essential oils

LANOLIN Unscented £4 Scented £4.50 WOOL WASH £7.50 ... &id_lang=1

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