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Cloth Nappies


Fitted (also known as shaped) cloth nappies, available in a variety of materials and fastening types.
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All in One and All in Two

Convenient and easy to use AIO and AI2 nappies have combined cover and absorbent layers.
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Pocket Nappies

Pockets - great for drying time, customisation, trimness and daddy proof!
10 Items

Pre-fold and Flat Nappies

Ever popular quick drying flat nappies. Use with a nippa instead of the old-fashioned pin for an economical nappy option.
1 Item

Inserts and Boosters

Inserts and boosters to use in pockets or to boost nappies with extra absorbency when needed.
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Nappy Accessories

Change mats, washable wipes, nappy liners, buckets and all your change time needs.
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Nappy Making Supplies

Material, PUL, snaps and other notions to make your very own cloth nappies.
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Training Pants

Training Pants. Great for your toddler's transition from cloth nappies to knickers.
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