Where to start with reusable cloth nappies?

Written by Tory on the 12 February 2008

Where to start with reusable cloth nappies?

It can all seem a bit overwhelming when you first start looking into cloth nappies. There are so many new expressions, products you haven't heard of, and you don't know one brand from another! It gets easier very quickly trust me! The best thing to do is read through these information pages, start with Cloth Nappy Jargon so you know what all the weird and wonderful words mean then you can browse the pages that interest you, they have been organised in a fairly logical sequence so you won't go far wrong if you read through the list in order.

Once you have read all the articles you will probably have an idea of what nappy system you might like to use. Its always a good idea to try a few different brands and types as not all nappies suit all babies and the one you think you'll like maybe the one you'll like the least. You can order a selection to get you started, I would recommend sampling at least 6 nappies that way you have enough for a full day in cloth. In some areas you may be able to hire a trial pack which is a great way to try out different nappies before committing to any particular one.

Another way to get yourself equipped is to buy some nappies 2nd hand. eBay was a good spot (although do be careful, sometimes you see nappies going for almost the full price!), although now they have decided to remove listings as they are considered 'used underwear', there are still nappies listed so may be worth a look. Check out the Nappy Market on our forum as well!

Unless you are really sure you love a nappy don't buy a birth to potty pack, almost everyone I've heard of who has done this has regretted it, it seems like a bargain at the time but you could end up with a lot of nappies you don't like. Also bear in mind that most people use more than one sort of nappy as different nappies work well under different circumstances, for example I have a variety of night nappies, some fitted nappies and wraps and pockets which are really handy when out and about.

Take your time and make sure you are getting what is right for you and don't feel pressured to jump into the deep end as such. Many people ease themselves into it gradually, perhaps only using a couple of cloth nappies a day, or day on day off for a while until they feel confident. The same goes for nights and out and about, many people using cloth happily rarely use a disposable but if you don't feel comfortable using cloth nappies at night or when out then don't!! And remember there are lots of funky and beautiful cloth nappies out there so have fun with your baby!

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