Short Rules for the Tree - please read them before posting.

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Short Rules for the Tree - please read them before posting.

Postby clothmama » Fri Dec 08, 2006 9:50 am

Welcome to Cloth Nappy Tree. Our aim is to build a happy and helpful community. Please follow these rules they are designed to further that goal and to maintain the happiness, security and privacy of our members. They form part of the agreement you made at registration. If you don't agree with them you should not use this site.

First and foremost, be kind, look after your fellows and your community.

Don't spam, tout, hurt others or try to rip anyone off.

Please respect the right to privacy, intellectual property and differing opinion.

Please do not copy or quote the words of others elsewhere or to a less private section of this site without permission.

Please link for informative purposes if you need to, but only to pages that are not for your or your associates' profit and are openly accessible to the general public. Please make sure the linked page contains no privacy or security risk. Businesses may place one textual signature link to a page on their own website which itself prominently displays full correct contact information and a reciprocal link to our web site on the page being linked to.

Don't put anyone at legal or moral risk through your words or actions.

Moderator decisions are final. Please respect that we are not paid for the work we do and that we rarely have time to enter into lengthy discussion.

Full general and commercial content rules are here:


Enjoy! :D

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